Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Day To Remember

I Heard His Voice
I don't know why I decided to call my BF's roaming number. To what I have learn you can call it these days unlike before. So I dialed the number and to my surprise it ring. Someone answered the phone it was not him but I asked him to call for the guy who owns the number and he did (god bless him). I have to turn of the phone cause it's really causing me a lot then i dialed again after sometimes. I don't know but I started to cry when I heard his voice. We talked for a few seconds and there it goes off the line.

When I tried again I cant call him anymore it says unable to connect. I don't know what's really going on but I hope he did not block me. He sent me a message that he is thinking of me and he still loves me. He ask me not to cry and he told me that I still hold his heart. I don't know because right now I'm hurting and I don't know why. I feel like he's not interested anymore but I am still holding on. I want to wait no matter how long.

I love him and people may call it stupidity but I am willing to wait.

Gosh the more I think about it the more I cry. Damn I really miss him so bad.

A Visit to the Doctor
So it's been long over due. I was supposed to go see a doctor before and after x'mas but my doctor is out of the country. She is the only doctor I trust, I have tried the other doctors and all they ask me to do is do a lot of laboratory test which I already did before but still wants me to do it all over again and I have to do it at their recommended laboratory. (NO WAY).

Anyway fortunately I was able to have an appointment today and have my check up. I have been bleeding for few weeks now and I am afraid of what ever is happening to me. I started to breath normally when he told me that it's not something serious (for now) but I need to take medication. The tablets and capsules are so expensive but I really need to take them.

Things I need to do
1) Weight lose - I am obese my height and age is not proportion to my weight. I am 20kg over weight than my required weight.
2) Diet
3) exercise
4) work hard earn a lot - this is the most important part of this years changes in my life. I really need to learn how to handle money.

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