Monday, 4 February 2013

This is It

standing on my bedside facing my suitcase and my clothes scattered on the bed, till to this hour I don't know if  I am doing the right thing. I have moved to some places before but none of those were permanent, it was more of a vacation than moving to another place. This time with a new job it's a new story, it feels like it's moving to another city for good.

From the cold city of pines where we get our water become ice sometimes during December to February to (it don't happen much to a tropical country like the Philippines  a very hot place where all oil would melt anytime in the day. Ice Cream would melt just after you put it on your plate. Staring at my clothes I don't know which one to bring, all I have are just coats, and just anything that is expected from a person born and raised in the city of pines. I manage to choose some appropriate clothes though.

The worst dilemma I have now though was that, it's a new thing for me, the job of being a call center agent was never on my list of things that I might do if I'm not doing business. I heard a lot of bad things about it but at this point it's the only job that really pays to what I heard. I use to be a receptionist but at least those people who come and go to the hotel were nice, most of them are educated so most of them will always sure to keep their cool.

Anyway I am here now, tomorrow I will be signing a contract that might make or break me. I will be going to a place where no one knows who I am and I don't know anyone as well. me and the place are both strangers to each other.

And still my bag's aren't pack even if I have to go to the bus station in about an hour...

All I need is a prayer.. Well lets hope I have something more interesting to write once I am there since it's a new place for me something I have never been before...

Friday, 1 February 2013

Back to the City Of Pines

Manila is a place that offers heaven and hell. Hell if you are new to the place and meet the wrong people which happened to me. I arrive in manila I little bit early, my cousin was still at work and can't pick me up. I was really tired and spending money at a motel near the bus station was really a bad Idea. I asked my cousin if it's okay if I just go straight to her place. She was against it at first but eventually give in. I took a taxi and my cousin told me that it will just take me 5-7 minutes from the bus station, unfortunately it took me an hour I was texting my cousin constantly  telling her whats happening and she told me that just keep quit or he might bring you somewhere. I just keep asking if we are near, suddenly I remember a trick I have seen on TV before, I dialed my cousins number and let the driver hear me tell her the plate number of the taxi, the description of the driver. The driver asked me what was that when I put down the phone and I told him that I just called my cousin in the military told him everything. The last thing I know is that I arrive to my destination paying nothing and with the driver saying sorry a lot of times.

Well I'm so glad I'm back to the place I know well. A place I'm not afraid to kick the drivers ass when he over charge me. There is something I'm proud off about baguio city, with my 10 years living in this place I have not yet been over charged yet.

anyway I'm back just arrived and I need some rest.. hehe will write more when I woke up...