Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Getting the job and Failing them

I wish there is a way to punish people who advertise false information on the newspaper, but then again it's the fault of the people who's buying it.

Well I really had a rough day today, I wish I'm not going to have a rough night! I was still so sick but still have to wake up when I can't, to attend a job interview. I was thinking I should really make a sacrifice if I want to get this job, it's the best job offer so far.

I was running late so I took a cab which is really a luxury to me. spending 20 times the amount of what I should normally spend if I took the Jeep  but since I want to impress my future boss by being on time I close my eyes and took a cab.

I was early as expected so I waited for a bit. I was really nervous. Then my time came, so to make it all short I passed the interview and I was hired. (nope don't congratulate me yet) So of course they were too quick to lay down their cards, so they told me that I am the luckiest candidate of 60 and sure I am happy. BUT they offer php20,000/month in the newspaper and now they are telling me that they are going to give me 7,000/month which means just a transportation fee for a few months, and they don't know how long the training would be and not even sure if I am going to have a full time job after the training.

That is flat out ridiculous to its maximum limit. Well I don't wan't to be rude so I went on the 4 hour training until I can't bare it anymore and excuse myself. I am required to report tomorrow afternoon I just said yes but NO! The training don't bother me at all it's the pay that concerns me.

The training consist of me working 9 hours a day, second shift with nothing to expect but a wish to be hired and a transportation fee. I have mouth to feed and no I don't think I would like to work for free. I'm not going to spend so much time, effort and money in exchange for the promise of maybe.

No wonder no matter how high their offer is they are still advertising every week because who the hell would accept that kind of offer specially if their location is not accessible my public transportation.

well lesson learned:( the hard way.

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