Monday, 21 January 2013

A new Lesson I learned

This might raise some eyebrow but it’s really the truth. I know I’m obese but it did not bother me much because most of the westerners I am with at work are even bigger than I am and they are not considered obese. I did not watch my food I just take anything and everything in my plate and it did not even bother me even if the clothes that I have don’t fit anymore. My point of view before was, as long as there is something that still fits me I’m not yet really fat. I WAS SO WRONG!

Just this morning I don’t know but I woke up and I feel like vomiting, I did not eat anything yet so sure there is nothing to bring out but I still keep on vomiting like hell.  First thing that came into my mind was that food poisoning but I highly doubt it. I had some veggies the night before because thank god to my vegan cousin he came to visit.

Anyway I was really so worried so I need to wake up my younger sister to ask what was happening. When I told her what’s going on she immediately know that I’m having a hyper tension. So thank god she’s always ready she gave me some meds and to top it all the most disgusting thing, he asked me to chew fresh garlic and swallow it, the smell alone already kill me how much more with the taste but really I did not care much about the taste and the smell, if I want an instant relief I need to do what she asked me to do. In less than 2 hours I was feeling better.

Now I realize that I really need to fix my diet and my lifestyle. If I want to live longer I need to really do something. This is not about wanting to be sexy anymore, this is all about living a good and healthy life.

Wish me luck J


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  2. Hey Aryan, you got unwell again?? Please take care. And don't think so much that you go through such hyper tension. You are good the way you are!