Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Mistress Not

I don’t know if anyone (I highly doubt it) has this experience. My dad came by to visit today from the countryside. I was so happy of course till he told me about the news that has been going on for quite a while back home.

It’s been sometimes now that the story of me being a mistress has been circulating. Wow really now I’m a household name back home for the very wrong reason.

I don’t know where the idea did came from but to be honest it’s not a shocking thing, back when I was still living there I know that every girl who stays or even seen dating a man for a very long time, and they are not married are being branded as mistresses.

My Bf (if he still is) is not married so why do this people call me such name, ugh! It’s really annoying.

On the other note I already gave up! With all those days that I think he was busy and don’t have access to the internet I later on learned that he just changed everything. From email address to facebook account and what not.

Well it’s about time to let go. 


  1. That's really mean of them to talk about you like that.