Thursday, 10 January 2013

Do we have a psychopath in the Neighborhood?

Just another day at the office it’s just me, Gigi and her husband Chester.  I would say It’s just another boring day but it’s not really boring since we are too busy working. I am working in a Tea company where we sell loose tea leaf online. Truth is we just started the business so it’s still hard to see if we are really going somewhere.

BUT that’s not really the reason why I can’t wait to type something on my blog. Just like any other day since the office is not too far from my place I walk home (doctors suggestion).  I was so furious when I arrive home and I saw a dead chicken on my front yard. It’s not because I have chicken but it’s because I don’t have one. The neighbor might think that it’s because I don’t have chicken then I am so jealous enough to start killing those poor animals. (yeah I can’t believe it that that was the first thing to come into my mind).

I started to ask the neighbors if they own that chicken and no one think they own it. I  have one more neighbor to ask but no one is around someone told me that the mom is still at work and won’t be home till 8pm. The kids are home but what do they know I asked them anyway.

The shock of the day!!! One kid told me that her older brother age 13 killed the chicken. I asked why and he told me it’s for fun. He’s just 13 and practically I’m bigger than he is but at that moment I feel so terrified. How could this 13 year old boy think that killing animals are just for fun, I also learned that this boy killed a really big nice dog his father love so much. I don’t know how he did it but his younger sister told me that he killed it slowly using a baseball bat. I couldn't take it anymore so I just went home clean my front yard went inside and lock all the door.

I sometimes laugh at myself being so terrified with that boy but I just can’t help it, and no matter what logic I think not to feel afraid all the more, I feel so afraid. The real crime or whatever crime drama I read or watch did not help either.

Until now I still think about it and one question terrifies me the most: If he doesn't find pleasure in killing animals anymore what would be next? I don't know and I guess I don't want to know.

No answer Then It went Out of Coverage Area
I really miss my BF so I tried to call him again. After 21 calls with no answer the phone went offline. Well I don't know but I guess time to get busy again with work. I already cried enough last night not going to cry again today.

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